Tonight, after the longest day, I spent some time thinking about some-one’s birthday coming up. He is one person I love so much, and he has been requesting a Tattoo design for like 5 years, literally. Lewis, I am working on something for you. I swear. 

Lewis is from Alaska. I want you to know when you see this that is really hard for me for some reason, perhaps it is because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING, and am not a tattoo designer, or illustrator. However, this does not excuse doing nothing, so here goes something.

I have been looking at Inuit Prints. Which I also can claim to know little about. Here is the first resulting drawing (the last photo), and some that I used to work from, because I liked them.

I do, however, want to note, that Inuit printing is awesome. Yes, totally awesome. I do have a soft spot for prints, but even if I didn’t they would still be cool. Plus, one of those up there is titled ” People as Animals…” just saying…