There Is Room For Each Other


I woke up late this morning. I let myself sleep until I wanted to wake up. It was from a nightmare about being too tall. Hitting snow covered power lines while driving a truck across the desert. The lines were multiple heights, rising up out of the snow fog, shocking me, tripping me and finally wrapping themselves around my neck without warning and shocking/strangling me to the ground. 


This morning was spent unpacking. After finishing up the majority of my move over the weekend, I re-sorting and re-homed my box contents onto freshly dusted shelves. I ordered my french press along side two others, already dwelling in the pantry. 


At around one pm, while cleaning the dishes left over from last night, I for the first time envisioned myself as a housewife. It was like how it is made to feel in the movies. The sun was shining in from the open kitchen window, the herbs were taking life, I was focusing on how my partner would like to have the house when they came home. I thought about calling, asking what they would like for dinner, or would a surprise be in order? Had they already planned something, and would disappointment fall if something new was suggested? 

My partner, who is brilliant in every way possible, is also interested in the patterns of stuff. The micro movements that our objects make over time. I cannot say that I am not some what effected by this interest, however I would like to say that it is one we held in common before entering into our current relationship. What I am trying to say, is I have been spending my time, working out how our things work together. Focusing on how our stuff can become a home. How we can make a life that works together. Let some things cancel out others, and rest in the joy of co-habitation.